Macombs Dam Bridge: April 11, 2014

Since I visited Citi Field, home of The New York Mets, 2 days ago, I decided to cross a bridge that was near Yankee Stadium.  The closest one is the Macombs Dam Bridge. I wasn’t sure which bridge was the one near Yankee Stadium or which area of Manhattan it connected to.  One of my reasons for crossing these bridges is to become familiar with the communities they link.

The Macombs Dam Bridge is one of several bridges that spans the Harlem River.  It connects upper Manhattan to the Bronx.  It is the third oldest bridge in New York City and has Landmark designation.

The approach to the bridge is along 155th Street just past Coogan’s Bluff.   Steep stairways will take you down to the community below which includes Rucker Park, which is known for its basketball tournaments, and Polo Grounds Towers, a high rise public housing project, built on the site of Polo Grounds III.

Coogan’s Bluff is bounded to the west by Edgecomb Avenue.  Between 160th  and 162nd Streets on Edgecomb Ave is Roger Morris Park and the Morris-Jumel Mansion.   The mansion is the oldest house in the borough of Manhattan and served as headquarters for both sides of the American Revolution.  The entrance is one block west on Jumel Terrace.

Morris-Jumel Mansion

Morris-Jumel Mansion


Valerie and her 2 sons accompanied me on this crossing.  We continued on the approach and across the Macombs Dam Bridge.  The approach also crosses over the Harlem River Drive.

Valerie with Henry and Spencer

Valerie with Henry and Spencer

This is the first bridge that Henry actually walked across!


Henry and Grandma

Henry and Grandma

Henry loves to explore.



Henry looking out at the Harlem River

Henry looking out at the Harlem River

Henry helping Mama push baby brother

Henry helping Mama push baby brother


At the end of the bridge is the intersection of exit and approach ramps to the Major Deegan Expressway.  The Major Deegan runs north-south through The Bronx and ends in the north at the city line where it becomes the New York State Thruway.

Across from the major Deegan is Yankee Stadium.

1181 1178

We walked completely around the stadium.  On the far side is River Avenue and the elevated subway #4 train.  The next block north is Mullaly Park which includes Mullaly Skate Park, with ramps for skate boards, skates, etc.  While we were there, there were several boys riding and jumping their bicycles on the ramps.


We continued around the stadium and stopped at Macombs Dam Park and the Joseph Yancy Track and Field to rest and snack.


As we exited the park, Jim Dolan was preparing for broadcasts before the game between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox

Jim Dolan from ABC News

Jim Dolan from ABC News

We continued back across the bridge.

1195 1190 1189

View from Manhattan with Harlem River Drive below.

View from Manhattan with Harlem River Drive below.

We stopped at a playground on Edgecomb Avenue, near where I parked the car, for a few slides, then headed home.


1204This says it all!


Macombs Dam Bridge:

Type:     Swing Bridge over the Harlem River

and Camelback Span over the railroad tracks

Length:     2540 ft (770 M)


Spans:     Harlem River

Carries:     Four lanes of vehicle traffic and 2 sidewalks

Connects:     Upper Manhattan to The Bronx

Opened:     May 1, 1895


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