George Washington Bridge. June 14, 2014

This was my second attempt at trying to see the American Flag flying from the New Jersey tower of the George Washington Bridge.

June 14 is Flag Day; one of the eight days the flag is flown on the George Washington  Bridge.

My son, Jason, and granddaughter, Renee and I got there at 6:30 AM to start our walk over the bridge.  The flag was supposed to be unfurled at 7:00AM.


Even early on a Saturday morning, there was heavy traffic on the bridge.  There was construction on the Cross Bronx Expressway. The George Washington Bridge flows directly into the Cross Bronx Expressway and the traffic from one affects the traffic on the other.


A constant hazard early on a weekend morning, is bicycle traffic.


Renee had to be carried sometimes due to the bicycles.  None of the cyclists seemed to have bells or whistles.  They just yelled for us to get out of their way.


Jason and Renee entering the New York tower.


Inside the New York tower.


From the west side of the tower you can look down and see the Little Red Lighthouse.  Renee enjoyed seeing it. She loves the story and we visited the lighthouse last winter.



We reached the New Jersey tower sat approximately 7:00 but there was no activity in the tower.

First, I asked the security agent on duty why the flag was not flying but was told that security is contracted and that I would have to speak to someone from Port Authority.

I found a bridge painter under the approach in New Jersey, and asked him why the flag wasn’t flying.  He started giving me some possible reasons as to why it might not be flying, but if I wanted to know more, I could go to the Port Authority offices which are nearby.

I then asked if there was someone I could call.  At this, he then called the PA office to inquire.

The explanation that he was given is that the rigging to lower the flag is in need of repair and no other information was given.

This is the platform that takes the crew up to lower the flag.


Cyclist with a flat tire.


We continued back to New York…traffic eased up and the cyclists kept on coming!


image image image

Ahhh,  sleep!

Ahhh, sleep!

I will have to wait till the rigging is operational again.  I want to see the flag fly!



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