Brooklyn Bridge: November 28, 2015

During the Thanksgiving weekend, there were friends visiting New York who wanted to cross the Brooklyn Bridge.  For more information about the Brooklyn Bridge, see the previous post from June 8, 2013

We met at the Brooklyn Bridge Cafe across from the pedestrian entrance for lite meals before our walk.


We headed out with a light mist but the weather did not deter us.

12304341_1220508854631259_1300633476847035742_o12309659_1220609671287844_840909759298382463_o 12273758_1220509067964571_1855665147524135567_o   12278874_1220609774621167_114307045355743323_n 12309858_1220609874621157_8543547797958061180_o


The children enjoyed being together.

12309551_1220609947954483_6560815555669983672_o12248232_1220609984621146_6946018003461807370_o 12308149_1220509594631185_7784106917988582048_o 12308580_1220484847966993_6007261452862127097_n

Once in Manhattan, we walked past City Hall Park and the Municipal Building to the African Burial Ground National Monument.



The children enjoyed the interactive displays and the ranger led historic discussion of the African Burial Ground.  We also watched a film describing how the National Monument came to be.

12316268_1220485024633642_8147690671610252799_n 12309845_1220509797964498_1917525270769924363_o


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