High Bridge July 26, 2015

The High Bridge was completed in 1848 and served as an aqueduct carrying water from upstate New York to the City of New York.  It is the oldest bridge in New York City. The original stone arch bridge was replaced with a steel arch in a 1928 renovation.  This bridge was built as part of the Croton Aqueduct system, to bring water to New York City.

The High Bridge has received Landmark status.

The bridge was closed to all traffic from the 1970’s until its reopening on June 9, 2015. There was a festival celebrating the reopening of the bridge, but we decided to miss the crowds and went a few days later.

High Bridge spans the Harlem River from 173rd Street in Manhattan to The Bronx at 170th Street. There is a swimming pool in High Bridge Park, which used to be a reservior.  The High Bridge is maintained by the New York City Parks Dept.

We began our walk at the High Bridge Park.  To make it a true crossing, we went to the Bronx side and then back to Manhattan. Afterwards, we walked the bicycle route rather than take the steep stairs back up.  We bought empanadas from a street vendor and then went to the playground to let the children burn off whatever energy they had left from the walk.


11781792_1151580404857438_1994499641378084342_n   10432475_1151581528190659_2595363605492157961_n

We followed the path to the very steep stairs leading to the bridge.11760285_1151581004857378_6316278165130508142_n

At the top of the stairs is the High Bridge Water Tower

View from the Bronx entrance

View from the Bronx entrance

Most of us entered from the Manhattan side at 173rd Street.  Some entered from the Bronx side at 170th Street.11811389_1151708218177990_4426337603548635830_n

We met in the middle and had fun enjoying the sites from the bridge.  The weather was wonderful with a light breeze.

11752547_1151581451524000_7544917364728754509_n  11014267_1151713524844126_4618703759673156349_n

The Bridgewalks are becoming a ‘family’ affair!


There are several medallions along the bridge giving the history of the aqueduct.


Pleasure boats on the Harlem River

Pleasure boats on the Harlem River

High Bridge

Type:   Arch Bridge



Spans:    Harlem River

Carries:    Pedestrians and bicycles

Connects:    The Bronx with Manhattan

Re-Opened:  June 9, 2015


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