My first vision is to become familiar with unknown areas of New York City.  I have lived here all of my life yet there are so many areas of New York City that I am completely unfamiliar with.  I hope to change this.  When crossing all of these bridges, I will venture into the surrounding areas and get to know a little bit about the various communities.

My second vision is to bring awareness to heart disease and spinal cord injuries and the importance of good health care and good health habits.

I have been living with heart disease all my life, yet have been able to lead a normal and active life.  It is important to have proper health habits (healthy eating, exercise and proper rest) and  good health care..  I have been fortunate to have accessibility to good health care and the proper treatments I have needed.

I also recently sustained a spinal cord injury, that if left untreated, would have resulted in total paralysis.  If you have symptoms that are not improving with treatment, it is up to you to speak up and seek treatment that will correct the problem.

Without the caring health care professionals that I have had, I would not be able to fulfill this goal.  Therefore, I am dedicating this to ALL the health care professionals who have helped me throughout my life; there are several.  I am also celebrating the fact that I am still able to walk, by doing my Bridge Walks!

I hope that through these posts that you can learn something about the City of New York and become more conscious about your own health.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi!
    This is Dan from Texas. We met on the High Bridge on Sunday July 26th. It was a pleasure meeting you and your lovely daughters. The High Bridge was really nice. Hopefully I can return to NYC and walk across another bridge. May we meet again. BTW-I enjoyed reading your blog.
    Dan Roose
    Plano Texas

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